Why Your SMB Should Consider Hosted Microsoft Exchange

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Written by: Jay H.

Businesses worldwide use Microsoft Exchange as an email server, but the costs and knowledge required to host it on-premise can be daunting. Thankfully, small businesses like yours can enjoy the benefits of Exchange without the massive costs through Microsoft Exchange hosting services.

What Is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is a messaging application that many businesses use for email, task management, calendaring, and address lists. You can also easily access all of these services from any location on nearly any device.

Some organizations choose to install Exchange on their on-premise servers, which requires costly infrastructure and maintenance. Instead, many small businesses turn to a managed IT service provider like Design2Web IT for affordable cloud-hosted Exchange services.

What Is Microsoft Exchange Hosting?

IT providers like Design2Web IT install Microsoft Exchange on their servers and make it accessible to only your business via the Internet. In this setup, the MSP is responsible for securing your data and making it accessible to you. Many MSPs also offer additional services, like data backups, greater security, server administration, and management.

Benefits Of Hosted Microsoft Exchange

1. Lower costs

Having a cloud provider host your Exchange server costs significantly less than hosting it onsite yourself. Businesses that host Exchange themselves have to pay for infrastructure (hardware, software, Windows Server OS, server systems, etc.), security solutions like antivirus and firewall, salaries for Exchange Server Administrators, and general maintenance.

With hosted Exchange, the cloud hoster instead bears the burden of these costs, allotting massive savings onto your small business. And since most hosting providers bill on a monthly, per-user basis, you have affordable, predictable costs each month.

2. Scalability

Managing new users can be difficult with an on-premise Exchange server. Additional users require more hardware and software, forcing businesses to perform costly upgrades when they run out of space.

In an Exchange server hosting solution, the plan scales as your business does. Therefore, adding new users is as simple as registering them and paying an additional fee.

3. Availability

Business continuity is essential for your SMB to operate. Any downtime halts operations and costs add up quickly. So if your on-premise Exchange servers go down, your business bleeds money until the servers come online.

Hosting providers invest significantly into their infrastructure to ensure there is almost no downtime. This not only saves you money but increases staff productivity from preventing costly downtime from ever happening.

4. Security

Your SMB may not have the budget to invest in top-notch security solutions for your email servers. However, a trusted Exchange hosting provider delivers enterprise-level security to protect your communication from all threats.

Hosted Exchange For Your SMB

Overall, a trusted Exchange hoster like Design2Web IT takes the headache out of managing your communications system. As their client, you simply have to enjoy the benefits of lowered costs, scalability, availability, and security offered by this cloud technology.

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