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Cloud Hosting, SaaS & IaaS

Our 100% managed cloud hosting provides unique, reliable and scalable IT solutions to deliver your mission-critical business services from our Canadian data center.

We peer with Tier 1 bandwidth providers, meaning all major Canadian and US data networks are a couple of hops away. That translates into ultra-responsive web hosting and web applications for your business needs.

In addition, we own and manage our own dedicated servers, which allows us to have full control over them. We use the latest hardware to run our servers at peak efficiency and never overload them. Want even more speed? We can scale up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to distribute resources across their global network.

Our SLAs ensure you obtain 24 x 7 x 365 network and server availability, allowing you to run your business with no downtime. In addition, we are DNS pros and can migrate your data between hosts with next to no downtime.

We offer the following cloud hosting services: application and database hosting, e-mail hosting, virtualization and web hosting.

We also offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions.

Browse our portfolio to see some of our custom servers.

Always-On Availability (24 x 7 x 365): access your applications and data from anywhere in the world
Cost-Efficient: save on hardware and maintenance costs by having us manage your technology needs
Daily Backups with Rapid Recovery: our backups store your data securely for disaster recovery
Performance: we build our own ultra-fast servers with dedicated RAID controllers
Reliability: redundant hard drives and power supplies are standard on all servers
Redundant DNS Servers: on-site and remote DNS record replication for critical hosting needs
Scalability: we can grow with your evolving business needs, adding more capacity or servers as required
Security: we offer both software and hardware firewall services
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Server virtualization seems to be all the hype these days, and with good reason. Why should you virtualize your data?

Virtualization allows for more efficient use of computing resources. Also, using virtualization, we can run your legacy applications and operating systems on new hardware, as older hardware costs more to repair and maintain.

Depending on your needs, we can use the following platform virtualization software: Hyper-V, OpenVZ, ProxMox VE, Virtuozzo, VMware, Windows Virtual PC and Xen. We also support OpenStack and Docker. Besides our own dedicated servers, we utilize Amazon’s cloud computing services: Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Virtualization allows your business to benefit from:

Business Continuity: We understand downtime costs money. Our simplified server cloning and data recovery techniques get you running quickly after a disaster.
Faster Provisioning: We clone virtual machines and scale VMs by allocating more hardware resources (vertical scalability) to them.
Horizontal Scalability: Scale by adding more application and database servers, usually in conjunction with a load balancer.
Improved Performance: Robust server hardware allows your applications to perform at peak efficiency.
Increased Uptime: Uptime is boosted since your data is hosted in an always-on data center with UPS and diesel generator backup power.
Portability: Easily move virtual machines between servers as your business needs increase.
Reduced Costs: Go green and reduce company costs by reducing the number of servers hosted in-house, saving maintenance costs and electricity.

Application and Database Hosting

Allow us to use our extensive technical expertise to provide world-class application and database hosting for your business needs.

You benefit from lowered capital and operating expenses by not purchasing and maintaining expensive computer hardware. Spend less time planning routine IT upgrades and more time focusing on improving your products and services. Your bottom line will thank you.

Our servers use the latest Intel Xeon Quad-Core (or Six-Core) CPUs, 32 GB ECC RAM and hardware RAID controllers to handle multiple requests in parallel efficiently.

We perform:

Custom Application Hosting (Linux or Windows)
Database Hosting (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server)
Data Mining
Load Balancing (distribute workload onto a cluster of servers)
MySQL Master-Slave Replication, Caching and Optimization
QuickBooks Hosting
Remote Desktop / Terminal Services Hosting
Sage 50 / Simply Accounting Hosting

Email Hosting

We offer 100% managed email hosting for small and medium businesses.

Hosting your email server on company premises? By having Design2Web host your email, you will benefit from increased uptime, performance, scalability and deliverability. We offer an easy-to-use control panel allowing you to manage all aspects of your email accounts, including aliases, forwarding and out-of-office / vacation messages.

We offer both Linux (Plesk with Horde or Roundcube) or Microsoft Exchange Online (with Microsoft 365 / Office 365) email hosting.

We provide:

Content Filtering
Daily Email Backups for IMAP, POP and Exchange accounts
Redundancy (multiple mail exchangers / MXs available)
Spam Filtering
Virus and Malware Filtering

Web Hosting

We offer 100% managed web hosting for small and medium businesses. Whether you have simple website or a complex website with thousands of pages and multiple databases, we can host them for you.

We provide:

Content Delivery Network (CDN): High-Performance Global Content Distribution Networks
Daily Website and Database Backups
Dedicated Servers (owned and located in BC)
Fast, Responsive and Scalable Hosting
Linux or Windows Hosting
MySQL Performance Tuning (and query caching)
WordPress Hosting

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