4 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Mobile Device Security

Smiling business woman using-phone.-Learn how to improve your business mobile device security.

Written by: Jay H.

Mobile devices are a major aspect of our work and personal lives. We access a plethora of sensitive information on our devices, including emails, stored passwords, and company data. However, your company’s mobile devices can pose a risk to your organization without implementing security measures. Let’s go over how to improve your company’s mobile device security.

1. Establish Mobile Device Usage Policies

Without smartphone usage policies in place, your staff won’t know what constitutes acceptable use. Your policies should essentially explain the risks of mobile devices and what security measures they can take to minimize those risks. Whether you provide company-issued devices or have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, your policies may cover:

  • What apps they are allowed to download.
  • How to stay safe on public Wi-Fi.
  • Safety features, like strong password requirements and automatic locking after a period of inactivity.
  • Antivirus and security software requirements.
  • Regular data backup requirements.
  • Procedures for reporting lost and stolen devices.
  • Remote wiping software to prevent data compromise.

2. Install Software Updates

Software updates often contain important security fixes to prevent threats, therefore it’s best practice to install updates when they become available. By delaying updates, you may be susceptible to cybercriminals exploiting vulnerabilities. So, if possible, enable automatic software updates to get the latest patches quickly after release.

3. Install Business Apps

Not every application is trustworthy. Some have strong protections to protect you from data loss and hackers; others are riddled with malicious advertisements and vulnerabilities. For these reasons, employees should only download business apps on company-issued devices from trusted developers, such as Microsoft or Google. If they must download apps from other sources, then they should look into the developers and read the app reviews.

4. Backup Regularly

Just as you back up your computer data regularly (you do this, right?), you should also back up your phone data. Requiring employees to regularly back up their phone data prevents them from losing it in case their phone gets lost, stolen, or breaks. So, make sure all employees regularly back up to the cloud or a physical drive.

Secure Your Company’s Mobile Devices

Overall, there are numerous measures you can take to improve your company’s mobile device security. If you have not implemented these measures already, do so now. If you need help improving your organization’s security, contact us today. Our managed IT services can protect your business from hackers and malefactors.

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