5 Common Cloud Computing Misconceptions

Cloud computing network diagram.

Written by: Jay H.

Cloud computing has gained much popularity since its introduction. However, there are many common misconceptions dissuading businesses from migrating to the cloud. Let’s debunk five common cloud computing misconceptions to encourage organizations to take advantage of this innovative technology.

Myth #1 – Cloud Computing Is Expensive

When utilizing cloud technology, you do not have to pay the hardware, utility, and maintenance costs; instead, the provider handles these. The only expenses you are responsible for are your resources, storage space, and required applications. Therefore, you save money over the long term without having to endure these extra costs.

Myth #2 – The Cloud Is Not Secure

A common misconception about cloud computing is that data stored on the cloud is susceptible to breaches. While an understandable fear, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Cloud service providers store your data and applications in their own data centres, equipped with advanced firewalls, antivirus software, backup systems, and other protective measures. This means that the cloud is likely more secure than most in-house servers.

Myth #3 – Cloud Technology Is Unreliable

A dedicated cloud provider performs automatic daily backups to ensure your data is always recoverable and provides quick recovery to get your organization back up and running as soon as possible. Cloud computing is likely more reliable than your current systems. An excellent cloud provider like Design2Web will also ensure minimal downtime, enhanced security, and high efficiency.

Myth #4 – Cloud Solutions Are Complicated

Although any new technology requires training processes with employees, cloud providers have streamlined the transitioning process. With user-friendly interfaces and graphic-rich reporting, data can be simplified for even the most technically challenged individual.

Myth #5 – The Cloud Is A Fad

Since it has seen a more recent surge in popularity, many regard cloud technologies as new, unrefined, and short-lived. However, the cloud has been optimized for years and is approaching 20 years of experience. Therefore, future advancements would only be adding to an already optimized solution.

Now that you know the truth to these misconceptions, learn more about cloud computing benefits. If you’re considering migrating your business to the cloud, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn how cloud services can transform your business.

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