Facebook Data Breach: Were You Exposed?

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Written by: Jay H.

Over the weekend, a user leaked the personal information of approximately one-fifth of all Facebook users on the darknet.

This data contains the personal information of 533 million Facebook users, including 3.49 million Canadian accounts. The leaked information includes full names, phone numbers, locations, birthdays, email addresses, and biographies.

While a Facebook spokesperson said that the data breach resulted from a vulnerability in 2019 the company has since patched, this data breach remains a treasure trove of information for threat actors. Those with bad intentions who access this information could use it for nefarious purposes, including scamming, spamming, and phishing.

How To Check If Your Facebook Data Was Stolen

Facebook has not yet provided an easy way to check if your personal data was leaked. However, you can use Have I Been Pwned to check for your email address or phone number.

Simply enter either your email or phone number and click the “Pwned?” button. Then, you’ll see whether your email address or phone number is in a data breach.

Screenshot of "Have I Been Pwned?" Website

Image: Have I Been Pwned

Unfortunately, even if you haven’t been compromised in Facebook’s breach, it is likely that another breach has exposed your data. Scroll down and search for Facebook; if you don’t see it, you haven’t been involved in the breach.

Screenshot of Facebook breach notification on Have I Been Pwned

Image: Have I Been Pwned

What If I Have Been Breached?

If you see Facebook on the list, or if you’re concerned about other breaches, there are various steps you can take:

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