MSPs: Overcoming The IT Skills Shortage

An IT technician works in a data centre.

Written by: Jay H.

In 2021, the demand for IT professionals has never been higher. More and more businesses recognize the need for IT budgeting and are looking for talented individuals to recruit. In fact, 35 percent of organizations say that seeking cybersecurity professionals is their top priority, making this the most demanded skill globally. Unfortunately, there is a massive tech skills shortage, impacting approximately three-quarters of organizations. In light of this, many companies are overcoming the IT skills shortage by outsourcing to a managed IT service provider (MSP).

Cybersecurity Band-Aid Solutions

Historically, organizations have applied so-called “band-aid solutions” to fill the IT shortage. These less-than-ideal solutions include:

  • Redistributing the work amongst the current team: A standard method companies use to overcome the shortage is assigning more responsibilities to the existing IT teams. As you may expect, burnout is common for team members stretched too thin. The team may be unable to do their jobs effectively given the new workload, and frustrated members may look for a job elsewhere.
  • Ignoring the crisis: Perhaps the most popular method used by companies is ignoring the issue until it becomes unavoidable. Unfortunately, this solution often has the worst repercussions for the organization once something goes awry.

MSPs: Filling The IT Skills Shortage

Fortunately, there is another option for organizations to address the IT skill shortage. By partnering with the right managed IT service provider, you receive the required skills and expertise to meet your organization’s needs. A credible MSP like Design2Web IT will stay work within your budget and provide scalability as your needs evolve. Best of all, you pay for what you need, when you need it–meaning that you can get the best IT talent working on your team at a fraction of what a full-time professional would cost you. Learn more about the benefits of working with a managed IT provider.

As cybersecurity continues to grow as an issue businesses face, partnering with an MSP is the answer. Reach out today and see how our fully-managed IT services can benefit your organization.

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