Report: Password Recklessness Puts Millennials At Risk

A woman holds her phone while working on her laptop. Millennials demonstrate password recklessness by using the same passwords across their devices.

Written by: Jay H.

Three-quarters of millennials are using the same password for more than ten different accounts, apps, and devices, according to a report conducted by Clario and OnePoll. Alarmingly, some even admitted they were using the same password for over fifty different accounts! These acts of password recklessness are putting millennials at risk.

The concerning survey sheds light on how significant the risk of data theft is for millennials who do not practice proper cybersecurity hygiene. Fewer than one in fifty millennials believe their smartphone is 100 percent secure and more than 80 percent of Americans surveyed are concerned about their mobile device’s security. Despite this, 44 percent still use risky features such as password auto-fill.

This report highlights the significant risks many are taking in favour of convenience. Hackers would need just one password to gain access to their entire digital life. In fact, their passwords may have already been compromised through a data leak, leaving their accounts vulnerable.

Change It Up

Security experts strongly recommend using different passwords for every account, app, and device. This tactic will make it much more difficult for attackers to breach your accounts. We also strongly recommend that you enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on all of your accounts and devices.

Protect Your Data

Clario’s security experts made the following recommendations for acceptable password practices:

  • Use a trusted password manager app instead of password AutoFill. Unlike AutoFill, it is more difficult for other users to gain access to your saved passwords.
  • A VPN isn’t just for work. Use it any time you connect to WiFi– even if you think it is a secure network.
  • Avoid storing photos or scans of important documents in your photos folder – use a trusted service like Dropbox or Sync instead.
  • Check your app permissions. Stay vigilant about the permissions level you give to apps on your device, especially if they want to access data that is irrelevant to their function.
  • Create separate accounts on your devices for every member of the family.

Don’t risk your accounts through password recklessness like many millennials are. Take steps to protect your valuable data.

Consider working with security experts to secure your business from cybersecurity threats.

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