How To Protect Your Remote Team From Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity concept image. Protect your remote team from cyber threats.Written by: Jay H.

The coronavirus pandemic brought rapid digital transformation and changed how we do business forever. Most organizations scrambled to transition their workforces to remote environments, seemingly overnight. Despite the chaotic transition, many employees and employers alike have grown fond of teleworking. Even after the pandemic (eventually) subsides, the verdict is clear – remote work is here to stay.

However, this remote work era doesn’t come without its drawbacks. Last year we witnessed a spike in cyberthreats, from phishing attempts skyrocketing, a stunning 358 percent increase in malware activity, and more attacks against cloud-based systems. Unfortunately, this year the threats are only growing at record rates. So, as we continue to embrace telework, it is important organizations guard themselves against the myriad of new and renewed cyberthreats. Here is how you can protect your remote team from cyber threats.

1. Educate Your Workforce

Did you know up to human error accounts for 95 percent of data breaches? The “fortunate” part of this statistic is that you can massively increase your cybersecurity by educating your remote workforce. For instance, your team should receive regular training on the latest cyber threats and know which protocols to implement in the event of a data breach.

You should take your cybersecurity a step further and require strong, unique passwords and multi-factor authentication on all accounts wherever possible. Therefore, you significantly lessen the chance of a data breach through stolen credentials or brute-forcing.

2. Equip Your Team

Equipping your team with the right tools can prevent catastrophe data breaches. For example, you may allow your employees to use their personal devices to access your networks, but did you know that is a major security risk? Without proper protections in place, hackers can intercept their connection and breach your network. To remedy this, all employees should use a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt their connections to your networks. So, should your team use their personal devices to access your networks, hackers cannot intercept the secured connection.

3. Expand Your Team

Cybersecurity is always evolving and hackers are always scheming new, sophisticated techniques. For these reasons, you should consider outsourcing your IT to an external team of IT experts who can provide remote tech support, protect against cyber threats, ensure business continuity, and develop a unique cyber strategy for your business. Through partnering with a managed IT service provider such as Design2Web IT, you protect your in-house and remote teams from ever-evolving cyberthreats – saving you money, time, and stress.

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