New Zoom Features Prepare For Hybrid Workplaces

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Written by: Jay H.

Zoom has announced various new Zoom Room features that will help organizations safely transition back into the workplace. The traditional workforce has evolved, and Zoom meets the challenges of supporting in-office and remote workers simultaneously.” Whether it’s in an office, co-located space, remote location, or at home, Zoom’s platform enables organizations to put employee health and safety at the center of their strategy,” the company wrote.

In a survey of 12,000 professionals, 60 percent said they want some flexibility in when and where they work. To accomplish this, employees must have a safe, healthy conference room experience to meet their hybrid needs. Zoom’s latest features empower teams to do great work, no matter where they are.

New Platform Capabilities

1. Virtual receptionist: Provide a contact-less greeting experience for guests with a virtual receptionist. Use Zoom Rooms Kiosk Mode to connect visitors with the receptionist to welcome them safely.

2. Pair a Zoom Room with your mobile device: Pair your iOS or Android mobile device to a Zoom Room, and it will automatically place your mobile client in companion mode during the meeting. If you also download the Zoom Rooms Controller app, you’ll gain access to all room controls. These include the ability to start or join a meeting and audio, video, and participant controls, eliminating the need for a shared in-room controller.

3. View real-time people count data: With supported cameras, you can see a room’s headcount in real-time on the Zoom Dashboard and the Scheduling Display. This feature ensures meetings are abiding by social distancing measures and staying under max capacity.

4. Monitor a room’s environment and air quality: Environmental data, including the air quality, humidity, CO2, and Volatile Organic Compounds, can all be monitored to ensure the safety of your meeting room. You can find these statistics on the Zoom dashboard on February 11.

5. Send a whiteboard to chat: Users can now share a whiteboard to a Zoom chat or email. Should you be in a personal Zoom Room, you can also send it to your group chats. This feature aims to enhance content sharing outside of the meeting room and improve cohesiveness.

6. Control a shared desktop: Zoom Rooms for Touch users can now control the desktop of the person sharing their screen right from their personal devices. This innovation streamlines collaboration and provides contact-less control of another person’s device.

Safety And Collaboration At The Forefront

Overall, these new Zoom innovations prioritize safety and collaboration within the hybrid workforce. Some estimates say that by the end of 2021, between 25-30 percent of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week. Therefore, these new Zoom features meet the current and future needs of this emerging workforce.

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