Best WordPress Plugins For eCommerce Websites

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Written by: Jay H.

Creating a WordPress ecommerce website is an easy and effective way to sell products online. And with WordPress’s vast library of plugins, you can add numerous features to your site. But which plugins are crucial for your ecommerce website? Let’s go over the 5 best WordPress plugins for ecommerce websites.

Best WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce


WooCommerce is the most popular plugin for ecommerce websites, providing support for products of various types. This plugin provides a comprehensive inventory management solution, letting you sell physical and digital products and easily manage your stock. Features of WooCommerce include order fulfillment, payment acceptance, shipping configuration, tax calculations, currency options, coupons, analytics, marketing tools, and more.

Thanks to its easy configuration, you can set up WooCommerce on your website within minutes. Overall, for most ecommerce WordPress websites, WooCommerce is a great fit.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads lets you easily sell digital goods on WordPress. It’s simple yet powerful, enabling you to start selling your digital products. Some of the features of this ecommerce plugin include payment flexibility, discount codes, customer account pages, data reporting, and unlimited file downloads. So, whether you sell PDFs, plugins, themes, eBooks, or other digital goods, Easy Digital Downloads makes it simple to set up shop.

Let’s Encrypt

Online security is crucial nowadays. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated certificate authority that provides digital certificates for website owners so they can secure data sent between the web host and web server. If you have an ecommerce website, you must have an SSL certificate. Basically, without HTTPS enabled, information entered on a website (such as credit card information) can be intercepted by threat actors. These certificates, therefore, enable you to easily secure your website from snoops.

HTTPS websites are becoming more standard nowadays. In fact, Google penalizes the search engine ranking of websites without HTTPS in place, and web browsers show the websites as being insecure. So, if your website is not secure, you need to get an SSL certificate immediately.

If you need help installing an SSL certificate on your website, please contact us today.


OptinMonster is one of the most powerful conversion optimization and lead generation tools for WordPress ecommerce stores. Basically, it helps you get visitors to take the actions you want them to, like buying a product.

With this plugin, you can create conversion campaigns like popups, floating bars, fullscreen messages, and more.

It also includes a drag and drop builder and templates, so you can easily create beautiful, high-converting designs.

Unfortunately, OptinMonster does not have any free plans. Their plans start at $14/month, billed annually.

All In One SEO

Your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) helps it appear on search engines like Google so your target audience can find your site. All In One SEO makes optimizing your WordPress ecommerce site’s SEO easy, providing site audits, SEO scores, and optimization recommendations. Search engine optimization is a must for your ecommerce website, and All In One SEO makes optimizing your website easy.

Optimize Your Ecommerce Site

As you can see, there are many helpful plugins you can install for your website. The above five are some of the best plugins for your ecommerce WordPress website, but there are many other plugins you can use for additional functionality. However, be sure to install the least amount of plugins possible and only use plugins from reputable developers who regularly release updates to ensure your site remains secure.

If you need help setting up or developing your WordPress website, please see our web design and web hosting services.

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