5 Business Wi-Fi Mistakes That Could Be Costing You

Business man using Wi-Fi on phone and laptop at café. These business Wi-Fi mistakes could be costing you.

Written by: Jay H.

With so much on your plate as a small business owner, you may not put much thought into your business Wi-Fi. You just give your guests the Wi-Fi password, and you’re all set, right? Unfortunately not. Taking this approach could expose your business to security risks and impede the guest experience. Here are five business Wi-Fi mistakes you could be making that could cost you.

1. Weak Or No Passwords

Many businesses want to provide guests with easy access to the Wi-Fi network. So, they either set a weak password or remove it altogether. This is a huge mistake since anyone can access your network without any form of verification. Your business should have policies in place that outline what the password should be, who gets access to it, and how often it gets changed. It would be best if you aimed to change it at least once every three months.

2. Not Using All The WLAN Security Features

When setting up your WLAN, you can enable various security features to protect your business from bad actors. However, most businesses enable only some (if ANY) of these features, leaving them exposed to significant risk. If you work alongside a managed IT services provider, they can help you implement these important security features, including IP packet filtering, keyword filtering, port filtering, integrated firewall support, and more.

3. No Guest Network

While it seems simple to allow your guests to use the same Wi-Fi network that your business uses, this presents a significant security risk. Instead, you need to create a separate guest network that you reserve for guest usage only. For even more security, you can disable “SSID broadcast” on your private business network so guests cannot even see it as an available network.

4. No Network Encryption

It would be best if you encrypted your guest network with WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II), which is the latest security standard for protecting wireless networks. This will keep your connections safe from hackers looking to intercept your traffic. It is worth getting a trusted security expert to set up your networks for complete protection.

5. Low-Quality Network Connections

We’ve all been to hotels or airports that advertised free Wi-Fi but were practically unusable due to the low-quality connection. In this digitally connected era, your customers practically expect you to have functioning Wi-Fi. If you do not, you could be doing more harm to your business than you realize.

If your Wi-Fi is slow and unreliable, you likely need to get new hardware or consult with your internet service provider. We can help you determine which hardware is suitable for your small business.

Leverage Your Business Wi-Fi

You may not realize the opportunity that your business Wi-Fi presents. With a fast, secure, and reliable Wi-Fi network, you can stand out as a business and exceed your customers’ expectations. If you would like help setting up your business Wi-Fi, contact us today.

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