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5 Network Attacks Threatening Your Organization

Written by: Jay H. Network attacks are growing threats businesses face. Although your network is necessary for your organization’s operations, when a bad guy gets in, they can wreak havoc. Luckily, you can learn about the different types of network attacks and defend your business against them. Types Of Network Attacks There are many types of network attacks, and the

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6 Ways To Improve Your Work From Home Space

Written by: Jay H. We’re approaching one year since the start of lockdowns that forced most of the workforce into a remote environment. Now, many organizations are looking to adopt remote working long-term even after the pandemic subsides. If you’re one of many full-time or part-time remote workers, you may want to make some improvements to your work area. Here

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How To Stay Safe On Public Wi-Fi

Written by: Jay H. Staying connected nowadays is easier than ever. Businesses, hotels, restaurants, and even entire cities offer public Wi-Fi hotspots for guests to get online. However, connecting to these hotspots comes with risks. Ideally, you’d never connect to public networks and instead use your mobile device as a hotspot, but sometimes this may be impractical. Let’s discuss why

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How To Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Written by: Jay H. Your router is your gateway to the Internet, and vulnerabilities can allow others to access your network and data. Whether it be piggybackers (people who mooch your Wi-Fi) or nefarious hackers, you want to keep your Wi-Fi safe and secure. Learn how to secure your Wi-Fi network with these simple steps. 1. Change the wireless password

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