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5 Must-Have Cybersecurity Measures Every Small Business Must Take

Written by: Jay H. Nowadays, cybersecurity measures are a must for individuals and organizations alike. Without them, cybercriminals can easily breach your network and steal, damage, or delete your invaluable data. If you think you are “too small” to be targeted by attackers, think again. Approximately 43 percent of all cyberattacks target small businesses, meaning you’re in the direct sight

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You Can Now Go Passwordless With Your Microsoft Account

Written by: Jay H. Passwords have long been an inconvenient – but necessary – safeguard for everything in our online lives. We’re expected to use unique, complex passwords for every account or risk getting hacked. But now, Microsoft has announced that you can go passwordless with your Microsoft account. You can completely remove the password from your Microsoft account and instead

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5 Network Attacks Threatening Your Organization

Written by: Jay H. Network attacks are growing threats businesses face. Although your network is necessary for your organization’s operations, when a bad guy gets in, they can wreak havoc. Luckily, you can learn about the different types of network attacks and defend your business against them. Types Of Network Attacks There are many types of network attacks, and the

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5 Essential Security Awareness Training Topics

Written by: Jay H. The most significant cybersecurity risk to an organization is its employees. Equipping your employees with the right knowledge can turn risky workers into cybersecurity assets. To achieve this,  educate your workforce on cybersecurity threats through regular security awareness training. Not sure where to start when drafting your training session? Here are five topics to consider covering

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Forget Your Passwords With A Password Manager

Written by: Jay H. We all know the importance of proper password management. However, despite knowing the risks, at least 65 percent of people reuse passwords across multiple, if not all, sites. It’s difficult to blame them, given that the average person has 70-80 passwords to remember, according to research by the password manager Nordpass. “We now partly understand why

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How To Make A Strong Password

Written by: Jay H. The importance of strong passwords has been reiterated. Websites tell you to add capitalizations, special characters, and extra letters to your passwords. However, it isn’t enough to use one strong password everywhere. If a data leak happens, hackers could have access to your entire digital life, including financial and personal information. Elements Of A Strong Password

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