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Why Your SMB Should Consider Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Written by: Jay H. Businesses worldwide use Microsoft Exchange as an email server, but the costs and knowledge required to host it on-premise can be daunting. Thankfully, small businesses like yours can enjoy the benefits of Exchange without the massive costs through Microsoft Exchange hosting services. What Is Microsoft Exchange? Microsoft Exchange is a messaging application that many businesses use

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Report: 1-in-3 Employees Likely To Fall For Phishing Scams

Written by: Jay H. Phishing scams are incredibly lucrative for scammers, who manage to rob victims of billions each year. A new report from cybersecurity company KnowBe4 demonstrates just how effective these campaigns are, finding that one-in-three untrained users were likely to fall for phishing scams. Who’s taking the bait? KnowBe4 used what it calls a “phish-prone percentage” (PPP) to determine

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How Vaccine-Related Phishing Attacks Are Threatening Your Organization

  Written by: Jay H. The rollout of coronavirus vaccines offers hope for many to resume normality soon. However, many people have questions regarding when, where, and how they will receive their first doses. Amongst the confusion, attackers have seized the opportunity to exploit the situation and launched waves of vaccine-related phishing scams. Vaccine-Related Domains Registered According to a recent blog post

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4 Tips: Business Email Cybersecurity

Written by: Jay H. Attackers make 96 percent of phishing attempts through email, according to Verizon. Given that over 300 billion emails are sent every day, a staggering amount includes spam and malicious emails. Email is the most common business communication tool, so when phishing emails make it through the filters, they pose a severe risk to your organization. To combat

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