How To Automatically Forward Emails In Microsoft Outlook & Office 365

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Written by: Jay H.

Auto-forwarding can be extremely useful when you’re out of the office and don’t want to miss an email. As the name suggests, this tool automatically forwards incoming emails to another address, based on rules you’ve configured. It’s quick and easy to set up, too. Here’s how to automatically forward emails in Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.

How To Set Up Auto-Forwarding In Outlook

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and click File in the top-left corner of the screen.Menu of Microsoft Outlook with the File tab in a red rectangle
  2. Click Rules and Alerts, then click New Rule in the window.Account information tab in Microsoft Outlook showing Rules and Alerts option
  3. Under Start from a blank rule, select Apply rule on messages I receive, then Next.Microsoft Outlook Rules Wizard showing "Apply rule on messages I receive" condition
  4. You will then have to option to choose conditions for which type of emails you want to forward. For step 1, select the appropriate one(s) for your needs. For instance, to forward an email from a specific address, choose from people or public groups. Next, for step 2, click the underlined conditions to set values for your rules. For example, enter the email address of the sender you want to forward emails from. Then, hit Next.Microsoft Outlook Rules Wizard showing "from people or public groups" auto-forwarding condition to check and email to apply this rule to
  5. Similarly, you’ll now get to choose what to do when you receive this message. Click forward it to people or public group, then enter the email to which you want to forward the message (i.e., your personal email). Click Next.Microsoft Outlook Rules Wizard showing how to automatically forward an email to an address
  6. If you have any exceptions, select them and enter the corresponding values if needed. Then hit Next.
  7. Finally, you can specify a name for the rule and choose different setup options. Ensure Turn on this rule is checked and your rule description is correct, then select Finish.Microsft Outlook Rules Wizard final page showing the finish rule setup options

How To Automatically Forward Emails in Office 365

If you don’t have Outlook installed, you can still forward emails using Office 365’s OWA.

  1. Visit and sign in to your account.
  2. Click the gear in the top-right corner, type “inbox rules”, and select the option when it appears.Typing Inbox Rules into Office 365 email settings
  3. Click Add new rule in the window that opens.Adding a new rule in Office 365
  4. Type a name for the rule and choose which conditions you want to apply. For instance, if you want to forward every email to a different address, select Apply to all messages. Then, under Add an action, select Forward to and enter the email you want to forward messages to. If you’d like, you can add exceptions or more actions. When you’re finished, click Save.Creating a new automatic email forwarding rule in Office 365

Voila! Emails that meet your conditions will now be forwarded to the specified email addresses. You now know how to forward emails in Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.

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