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How Scammers Are Bypassing Your Email Security Measures

Written by: Jay H. Phishing campaigns are regular occurrences; in fact, 1 in every 99 emails sent is a phishing attack. Although there are security measures to block these scam attempts, scammers employ methods to bypass these defences. Security defence organization Armorblox found several examples of emails that made it into users’ inboxes and provided tips to defend against these attacks.

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Windows 10 21H1 Now Available For Business Customers

Written by: Jay H. Windows 10 version 21H1 is a new feature update scheduled for release in April or May 2021. This update brings new features and security updates that Microsoft say will improve the overall user experience. So, here’s what to expect with the new update and how business users can try it now. Windows Hello Multicamera Support Microsoft

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9 Best Microsoft 365 Add-Ins To Streamline Your Workflow

Written by: Jay H. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) comes with many features, but installing add-ins opens up worlds of new capabilities. These applications can increase productivity, save time, and improve the user experience. Here are some of the best Microsoft 365 add-ins to streamline your workflow. 1. FindTime Scheduling meetings that fit everyone’s schedules can be challenging. FindTime helps

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Over 100 Million PCs Are Still Running Windows 7

Written by: Jay H. One year after Microsoft ended support for Windows 7, over one hundred million PCs are still running the operating system. Although Microsoft has been pushing users to upgrade to Windows 10, many stragglers have adamantly resisted the change. According to ZDNet, roughly 200 million PCs were running Windows 7 after Microsoft officially ended support for the

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