5 Online Marketing Methods Proven To Work

"Digital Marketing" spelled out using tiles on a wooden surface. Online marketing methods help reach your customers.

Written by: Jay H.

The world has gone digital. Online marketing is essential to reach your audience. Need some ideas on ramping up your online marketing efforts? Here are five ways to reach out to your client base through online marketing methods:


A webinar, or web-based seminar, is an online real-time video conference. This event allows participants to join from anywhere in the world and interact with the presenter. The purposes of webinars are usually to demonstrate, instruct, or educate. Webinars allow you to connect personally with your customer base and deliver a valuable experience to them.


Video is an extremely effective method of promoting to your customers. In fact, Cisco projects video to outperform other advertising mediums in the coming years, with an estimated 82 percent of consumer traffic being video by 2021. With 90 percent of consumers reporting that a product video has helped them make purchasing decisions, it’s evident that people easily engage with and enjoy videos. So creating videos for your products and services can capture potential buyers’ attention and give them a reason to choose your company over others.


A podcast is a digital audio file that a user can download and listen to, usually as part of a series. And many of your customers may be listening to podcasts: 24 percent of the Canadian population listens to podcasts weekly, and 51 percent of bi-weekly podcast listeners have purchased a product advertised in a podcast ad. As evident, podcasts create loyal and engaged followers. So, with a low barrier for entry and possible high yield in customer captivation, they are a great way to get your brand in front of a devoted following.

Sponsored content

Sponsored content is content a sponsor pays a publisher to create and distribute. As a form of native advertising, sponsored content is consistent with the surrounding material on the webpage. Thus, sponsored content adds to the experience of the user instead of disrupting it.

Social media

Social media is a huge part of the world today. In fact, it’s estimated that 3.1 billion people will be on social media by 2021. Therefore, reach your audience through social media for enormous yields for your company. Each social media platform offers paid advertising to specifically target your customer base and further increase your conversion chances.

Work With Online Marketing Experts

Although the value of face-to-face meetings with your customers will never diminish, adding these five online marketing methods to your firm’s strategy can lead to substantial growth in your customer base. In today’s digital world, online marketing is a great way to connect with your customers and grow your business. Thus, consider working with Internet marketing professionals to develop your online marketing strategy and generate more leads.

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