How To Secure Your Mobile Phone


Person standing while using their phone. Here's how to secure your mobile phone.

Written by: Jay H.

Cybersecurity is a hot topic nowadays. Seemingly every day, there are new headlines of businesses and websites getting hacked. However, did you know your phone is also susceptible to hackers and malefactors? Luckily, you can take steps to improve your device’s security. Here is how to secure your mobile phone.

Lock Your Device

If your phone makes it into the wrong hands, you can prevent unauthorized access by locking down your device. This includes setting a PIN/passcode or biometrics like fingerprint or facial scan. Moreover, set the time the phone can idle before locking to the shortest time. So even if someone steals your phone, they won’t be able to access your data without knowing the passcode.

Back-Up Your Data

Many people store important data on their devices without ever backing up their devices. This means they are at risk of losing business files, photos of important events, and more if they lose their device. To preserve your data if your phone breaks or gets lost, you must back up the data from your device.

Keep the OS Up To Date

Phone developers regularly release updates for security improvements, added features, and bug fixes. In fact, some updates patch critical security flaws that severely endanger your device. In order to maximize your mobile security, you must keep your phone’s operating system updated to the latest version.

Use Secure Wi-Fi

While connecting to public Wi-Fi can be tempting, you may actually be putting your mobile device at risk by joining. Unsecured public Wi-Fi can expose your activity to bad actors and malware. If you absolutely must connect to public Wi-Fi, please read our post about staying safe on public Wi-Fi and use a VPN.

Download Reputable Apps

Just like how you shouldn’t download emails from unknown senders, you should also only install mobile apps from well-known developers. Cybercriminals develop harmful apps to display harmful advertisements or harvest personal information. To help avoid this, read about the developers and check the reviews.

Staying Secure

Your smartphone holds a lot of your important and personal information. By taking these steps to secure your mobile phone, you can help defend against hackers and other threat actors looking to do harm. If you need help securing your mobile devices, computers, or business devices, please contact us today.

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