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How To Reduce Cyberattack Risk For Your Organization

Written by: Jay H. Every business is at significant risk of a cyberattack. Indeed, 42 percent of businesses experienced a cyberattack in the last year, yet many businesses still do not take action to defend themselves. Reducing your firm’s cyberattack risk should be one of your biggest priorities in order to prevent costly breaches. Here are some ways you can

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Nearly 30% Of Critical WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities Unpatched

Written by: Jay H. Data breaches are an area of major concern nowadays. Cybercriminals constantly search for new vulnerabilities to exploit and data to steal. However, a shocking report from WordPress security provider PatchStack reveals that nearly 30 percent of flawed WordPress plugins never receive an update. Plugins increasingly vulnerable 2021 experienced a 150 percent increase in the number of

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How To Secure Your Mobile Phone

  Written by: Jay H. Cybersecurity is a hot topic nowadays. Seemingly every day, there are new headlines of businesses and websites getting hacked. However, did you know your phone is also susceptible to hackers and malefactors? Luckily, you can take steps to improve your device’s security. Here is how to secure your mobile phone. Lock Your Device If your

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What Is Endpoint Detection And Response?

Written by: Jay H. Every device on your business network poses a threat. Your computers, mobile devices, servers, and even printers are all vectors hackers can use to breach your organization. So, how do you know if suspicious activity occurs? What if attackers compromise a device? Endpoint detection and response (EDR) aims to address these challenges, using continuous monitoring to

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Cybersecurity Agencies Reveal Top Targeted Vulnerabilities

Written by: Jay H. A joint security advisory issued by the top cybersecurity agencies reveals the most targeted vulnerabilities by cybercriminals over the past two years. The USA’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the USA’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), and the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) also shared details on these security

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Beware Of Fake Windows 11 Installers Riddled With Malware

Written by: Jay H. Hackers waste no time taking advantage of the hype surrounding major events. The announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft’s newest operating system, is no exception, and criminals have already started pushing fake Windows 11 installers laced with malware. Although Windows 11 isn’t officially available for the general public until late 2021, Microsoft has made it available to

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Manufacturing Firms: The Biggest Ransomware Targets In 2021

Written by: Jay H. According to a new report from a Canadian international managed service provider, manufactured goods producers were the biggest ransomware targets in the first half of 2021. In the recent report issued by the Herjavec Group, 39 percent of victims listed on the data leak websites run by ransomware groups broadly fell into the manufactured goods category.

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3 Ransomware Myths That Put Your Business At Risk

Written by: Jay H. If you’ve paid any attention to recent news, you’ve likely seen ransomware stories dominating major headlines. The Colonial Pipeline cyber attack is just one example of the devastation a cyberattack can cause. However, many small-medium business (SMB) owners still don’t consider themselves to be at risk despite the abundance of cyberattacks. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further

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Cybercrimes Cost Americans Over $4.8 Billion In 2020: FBI Report

Written by: Jay H. According to a new report released by the FBI, cybercrimes cost Americans over $4.8 billion last year. In its annual Internet Crime Report, the organization announced that it received over 791,790 reports of suspected cybercrime. Alarmingly, this number is a 69% increase in total complaints from 2019. The top three crimes reported by victims were phishing scams (241,342),

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Be Careful Of Scams This Tax Season

It’s officially tax-filing season, one of the most stressful times of the year. To make matters worse, scammers are on the prowl trying to trick taxpayers into divulging personal information through phone, email, text message, and mail. Here are some of the ways scammers are trying to defraud you and how you can protect yourself. By Phone Have you received

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