6 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Productive, happy employees gather around a computer desk. Find out ways to increase employee productivity.

Written by: Jay H.

Unproductive employees cost the North American economy over $350 billion annually. According to a survey conducted by iQ Offices, 57% of employees say they are distracted at the workplace, and many estimate they lose up to two hours each day in productivity. It’s apparent that unproductive employees significantly impact your business. However, transforming your underperformers into productive workers doesn’t mean making them work harder. So, find out how to increase employee productivity in your workplace.

6 Ways To Increase Employee Productivity

1. Equip them with the right tools

Ensure that your team has the right tools to be efficient. Doing this means providing them with appropriate software that will minimize headaches and allow your employees to focus on the tasks at hand. Ensuring their equipment, such as computers and printers, are correctly functioning will also increase employee efficiency. Implementing Business Process Automation to automate routine tasks helps your employees focus on the larger projects at hand.

2. Reward excellence

Reward and acknowledge your employees when they perform exceptionally. Recognizing the positive contributions employees make will let them know that their actions matter.

Rewards don’t have to come in the form of paid vacations either-smaller incentives such as gift cards can go a long way in increasing employee satisfaction. Rewarding and acknowledging employees for their positive contributions incentivizes them.

3. Improve employee skills with training

Teaching employees new skills will increase their productivity and efficiency. Employees can also learn an endless amount of skills, from minor skills such as spreadsheet manipulation to more important skills such as project management expertise. Allowing employees to learn new skills gives them confidence that they can take on more situations.

4. Create comfortable workspaces

The ideal workspace has many features, according to studies.

Natural light improves mood, health, and sleep. Given this, ensure that there is sufficient natural light in the office to boost mindsets. Coupling natural light with decor and plants, studies have shown that employee productivity can be improved by 15 percent. On the contrary, offices with zero decor hurt employee morale.

Perhaps surprisingly, open-plan workspaces intended to improve employee collaboration tend to have the opposite effect. In fact, open, unbound offices reduce face-to-face interaction by around 70 percent. This reduction is because employees become distracted and uncomfortable in such an open environment.

Therefore, survey your employees to find out which types of workspaces benefit them. Consider providing mixed environments for employees, including quiet areas, social areas, and spaces with and without technology to give your team options to choose from.

5. Encourage autonomy

Trusting your employees to be independent instead of micromanaging their actions produces better results. Hovering over employees tends to worsen their performance and decrease their satisfaction.

Instead of continually directing your employees, allow them to control their work and coach them as needed. Studies show that granting your workers autonomy can boost their productivity and satisfaction.

6. Allow and encourage breaks

Encourage your employees to take quick, 10-15 minute breaks to allow them to move around, stretch stiff muscles, and unwind and destress. These breaks significantly reduce the risk of burnout and improve employee productivity and mental well-being. Employees who take breaks tend to feel valued by their employers and are more active within their company. Help reduce employee stress by allowing them to take regular breaks throughout the day.

Although not an exhaustive list, following these guidelines can increase workplace productivity and satisfaction amongst your employees, providing benefits for your company’s bottom line.

Streamline Your Business

Consider implementing Business Process Automation (BPA) to automate inefficient tasks and increase employee productivity. In conjunction with BPA, ensure that your employees have the software they need for their work. We also provide IT support to help you and your employees resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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