Common Computer Problems & Their Solutions

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Written by: Jay H.

No matter what industry you work in, you likely deal with computers every day. And if your PC starts running into problems, it can quickly hinder your productivity and cause frustration. Luckily, there are steps you can take to resolve most common computer issues. Here are 5 common computer problems and their solutions.

1. Slow PC

We’re used to our devices loading almost instantaneously, and if your computer starts to slow down, it can be aggravating. If you have to wait long for programs to open, your PC to start up, or do anything on your computer, you’ll quickly become frustrated, and it will be difficult to get anything done.

Slow Computer Solution

Usually, a slow PC indicates that your device lacks the necessary hardware resources to function quickly. This means your programs consume too much of your RAM, CPU, or hard drive/SSD.

You can see which programs are using significant resources by right-clicking your Task Bar and clicking Task Manager. Then, click on the Performance tab and review the utilization for each category. If any of the percentages are at or near 100 percent, you’ll know that your programs are hogging resources. You should close unused programs and monitor for resource-hungry applications.

If your computer is still running slowly after closing all programs, it may be time for a computer upgrade. Ageing computers eventually slow down, so it may be near the end of its life if you have an older machine. If you’re interested in upgrading your computer, please contact us today to learn how we can build a custom PC that meets your requirements.

2. PC Won’t Turn On

If you press the power button on your PC and it doesn’t turn on, don’t panic. It doesn’t necessarily mean your machine is broken, and there are a few things you can try to restore functionality. Even in the event that your computer is inoperable, your data is likely safe.

Fix Computer Will Not Turn On

If your computer won’t turn on, you can try a couple of fixes. First, check that the power cord is plugged firmly into both the back of the computer and a power outlet. If that doesn’t solve your issue, then look for the power switch on the back of your computer. Make sure to flip it to the horizontal line (ON) and not the circle (OFF).

Should neither solution fix your computer problem, you may have a power supply issue or other hardware problem. Take it to your local computer repair company such as Design2Web IT to see if they can resolve the issue for you. Even if your computer is inoperable, they can likely recover the data from your hard drive or SSD.

3. Slow Internet

Mostly everything we do on our computers involves the internet, and if you’re experiencing a slow connection (or none at all), your productivity can screech to a halt. However, there are a few simple ways you can try speeding your internet up.

Fix Slow Internet

Internet problems either stem from something on your side or something on your internet service provider’s side.

You can try restarting your modem by unplugging the device for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in. This is often enough to fix your slow internet, especially if it’s a recent issue.

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, you should check that the ethernet cable is plugged in correctly to both your PC and wall connection. The ethernet cable feeds the internet connection into your computer, and if it’s not plugged securely, you’ll have no connection at all.

If neither solution restores speeds up your internet, you may have to contact your internet service provider. It could be an issue on their side, including wiring, outages, or other problems. You may also be on a slow internet data plan that is inadequate for your use.

4. Printer Isn’t Working

Your printer may not be printing for several reasons, but you can take steps to rectify the situation.

Fix Printer Not Printing

First, check your printer screen to see if it’s displaying any warnings. If so, you may know what your problem is.

If not, there are a few things you can try. Check that there is enough paper loaded in the tray, your ink cartridges aren’t empty, your printer is connected to Wi-Fi or ethernet, or the USB cable is plugged in. If all of these pass your inspection, try restarting the printer.

If none of these solutions work, check for issues on your computer. You may have to reinstall your printer’s drivers and complete the setup on your computer. To find your printer’s drivers, google your printer’s model plus “driver”, i.e., “Brother HL-L3290CDW drivers.”

5. Peripherals Not Working

If your keyboard, mouse, speakers, microphone, or other peripherals aren’t working, they can completely hinder your productivity and cause significant hassles.

Fix Peripherals Not Working

First, check your device’s connection to ensure you’ve plugged them in correctly. You may have to try different USB ports on the front and back of your computer.

If the connection is not the issue, you can try reinstalling the device’s drivers. Sometimes, they fail and can cause your device to stop working.

You can check if your drivers are causing issues on Windows by clicking on the Start menu, then finding Device Manager. If you see an exclamation mark next to your device, it means Windows detects the device but it’s not working properly.

If you see the exclamation mark, you can try right-clicking on the device in Device Manager and updating the drivers from there. Should that not work, you can try right-clicking and uninstalling the drivers, then restarting your computer. Windows will reinstall the drivers once the computer restarts.

You may also be able to find the newest drivers for your device by looking on the manufacturer’s website.

Stop Struggling With Computer Problems

If you’re dealing with computer issues, please contact us today. Our remote IT support enables us to resolve most technical problems by connecting to your computer. Otherwise, we can send a technician onsite to resolve your computer problems for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to resolve your computer issues.

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