Microsoft Reveals Windows 11 Release Date

Windows 11 release date

Image: Microsoft

Written by: Jay H.

Microsoft has finally revealed the long-awaited Windows 11 release date. Windows 11 will become available to eligible computers on October 5, 2021.

According to Microsoft’s blog post about the announcement, this rollout will be “phased and measured.” Starting with PCs, the upgrade will then roll out to other devices based on hardware eligibility, reliability metrics, age of the device, and other factors that impact the upgrade experience. By the end of mid-2022, Microsoft expects that eligible devices will be able to upgrade to Windows 11.

Older Devices Left Behind

As you may or may not know, many (especially older) PCs will not be eligible for the upgrade. The hardware requirements eliminate PCs without 8th generation or newer Intel processors with TPM 2.0. Although Microsoft relaxed slightly on their stance and now allows older devices to install Windows 11 from a system image, they also caution that those devices would be unsupported. In other words, they won’t receive security updates, and it is inadvisable to install Windows 11 on computers this way.

“For customers who are using a PC that won’t upgrade, and who aren’t ready to transition to a new device, Windows 10 is the right choice,” said Microsoft. “We will support Windows 10 through October 14, 2025 and we recently announced that the next feature update to Windows 10 is coming later this year. Whatever you decide, we are committed to supporting you and offering choice in your computing journey.”

Experience the new Windows era

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