How To Change Your Default Web Browser On Windows 11


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Written by: Jay H.

Like Windows 10, Windows 11 comes with Microsoft Edge. And Microsoft really doesn’t want you to set Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or anything else as your default web browser. Fortunately, you can still get out of Edge’s clutches and change your default browser to your preference. Here’s how to change your default web browser on Windows 11.

Your web browser cannot set your default browser for you; you have to manually change it in the Settings app. However, Microsoft makes it more challenging to swap default browsers in Windows 11 than in previous operating system versions.

To change your default web browser, go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps. Find your default web browser in the Set defaults for applications list, then select it.

Once you do, you’ll see a long list of file types your browser supports, like HTM, HTML, PDF, etc. Click on each option, select your preferred web browser, then hit OK. Windows will then urge you to try Microsoft Edge, and you’ll have to choose Switch anyway to continue. Do this for each option, and then you’ll have a new default web browser.

Microsoft Really Wants You To Use Edge

Microsoft complicating this process is just another way the company pushes you to use their web browser. For instance, regardless of your default web browser, the Windows “News and interests” widget uses Microsoft Edge no matter what. Microsoft wants more users of its web browser to increase its revenue.

However, Microsoft Edge is actually pretty good. Although its infamous predecessor, Internet Explorer, was notoriously slow and inadequate, Microsoft completely revamped Edge and built it off the same code as Google Chrome. You could give it a try or change your default web browser anyway.

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