Use PC Health Check Tool To Test Your PC For Windows 11

Microsoft PC Health Check tool

Written by: Jay H.

Microsoft has finally updated and released the PC Health Check tool, giving you insight on whether or not your PC can run Windows 11. They previously released this tool alongside Window 11’s announcement, but it didn’t specify why devices were incompatible with the new system requirements.

“We acknowledge that it was not fully prepared to share the level of detail or accuracy you expected from us on why a Windows 10 PC doesn’t meet upgrade requirements,” said Microsoft in a blog post. “We are temporarily removing the app so that our teams can address the feedback.”

Updated PC Health Check tool

Now, the PC Health Check provides a detailed explanation about why your device may not meet Windows 11 system requirements.

To test, we ran the new tool on one of our computers and found that it now explains that the device needs Secure Boot, TPM 2.0, and the processor isn’t supported, as shown below.

PC Health Check tool showing why PC doesn't meet Windows 11 system requirements

Depending on the compatibility issues provided, you may have several options. You may be able to enable Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 for recent devices by changing some settings in your computer’s BIOS. However, hardware issues like an older processor will need to be replaced.

You can download the new and improved PC Health Check tool by clicking here.

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