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Zoom Finally Has End-To-End Encryption

Written by: Jay H. Zoom has announced that end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is finally available for free and paid users globally. The feature is available as a technical preview for thirty days, during which Zoom is soliciting feedback from users. E2EE is available on Zoom desktop client version 5.4.0 for Mac and PC, the Zoom Android and Apple apps, and Zoom

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In-House IT vs. MSP: Which Is Better?

Written by: Jay H. There comes the point when you must choose an IT services team for your business. So, should you outsource to an MSP or hire in-house IT personnel? Which is better for your business? Learn about both options and decide which is best suited for you. In-House IT Having an in-house IT support team allows businesses to

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How To Improve Your Wi-Fi

Written by Jay H. A poor Internet connection can make online browsing slow and frustrating. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to improve the quality of your Wi-Fi and boost your Internet speed. Use the following suggestions to help improve your Wi-Fi quality: 6 Ways To Improve Your Wi-Fi Move your router If your router is in the

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5 Best Video Conferencing Apps Compared

Written by: Jay H. Organizations and individuals alike have been flocking to video conferencing tools to keep in contact while working remotely. With so many video conferencing apps available, which one is most appropriate for which situation? We’ve evaluated five popular video conferencing apps: FaceTime Automatically integrated into Apple devices, FaceTime is a useful application for Apple enthusiasts. With one

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How Hackers Are Targeting Your Remote Workers

    Written by: Jay H. As employees move to a remote environment due to the coronavirus pandemic’s spread, cybersecurity experts say that hackers will follow them, seeking to take advantage of the disorientated workforce. Hackers are targeting remote workers through several vectors, hoping to trick employees into handing over sensitive information. These methods include: disguising their malicious software as

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